A Starter Theme Framework For Ghost

LINEN is a Ghost starter theme for developers, designers, and theme builders from Theme Spectre It’s purpose is to provide a solid foundation to build high quality Ghost themes. We use it to build our themes, and we think Linen can provide a great framework for others to build upon as well.

Packed with Features

HTML5 Boilerplate - We fully embrace the great work done by the HTML5 Boilerplate team. They provide the perfect starting template for nearly any new web project.

Mobile First Responsive - If you publish on the web, people will view your content on a mobile device. It’s a fact of life. Linen allows you to serve up an experience based on the screen.

Lightweight Grid - Sometimes you just need to sort content into columns. Linen has a small, simple grid system that does just that. It’s responsive, too, so everything squishes appropriately.

Sassy CSS - Say goodbye to sifting through 2000 lines of CSS to make simple changes. Linen breaks down styles into small, sensible files so code is comprehensible, reusable, and most importantly, easy to change.

Built with Grunt - Want to build your Sass files automatically when they are saved? No problem. Want to concatenate and compress your files so your site is blazing fast? Sure.

Disqus Comments - Ghost does not have it’s own commenting system, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have lively discussions on your blog. Linen has a Disqus section ready to go if you need it.

Social Icons - With the help of the Mono Social Icon Font, you can include dozens of links to show off all your best stuff. And because it’s a font, resizing just works.

Built Just for Ghost

In addition to all the features listed above, Linen strives to provide great examples on the uses of Ghost’s best features. Ghost themes are based on Handlebars templates, and Linen takes advantage of partials, helpers, and expressions to demonstrate all the best features of Ghost.

Also, we realize Ghost is brand new and changes on almost a daily basis. Not to fear. Our business is based on Ghost, and we keep up with each and every change. Because our themes are based on Linen, we will keep it up to date with the bleeding edge of every release of Ghost. We have to.


We have based Linen off of the spectacular WordPress Bones project. The folks at Themble have done a great job creating a well-organized project, and it provided us with a great starting point for a Ghost starter theme. Over time, most of the Bones code will fade away, but we still want to acknowledge what a great inspiration Bones has given us.

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